About Us

PhotoCommune is a group of diverse individuals with a passion for photography. We have a candid interaction every week to discuss and learn about the art of photography. With regular workshops, studio sessions, outdoor shoots, photo tours and talks under professional guidance and mentoring, we help each other recognize our potential.

photo commune

Our Journey

Idris Ahmed, our founder, has 16 years of experience as a professional photographer. When he started out, what he really missed, was a group of likeminded enthusiasts who shared his passion for photography and with whom he could discuss his ideas. A group where everybody was free to express their thoughts and in the process, discover their true potential. Where learning photography would be interesting and interactive, and not merely a course to complete or checkboxes to tick off.

With the encouragement of his former students- Maria, Deepika, Safder and Preeti in August 2014, Idris saw his vision transform into Photocommune – a collective where they could collaborate and learn from each other. Soon enough, Shubhra and Amit Gangal joined them. Each of these individuals brought in their expertise, such as, design sensibility, technical knowledge, postproduction skills, creative inputs and administrative acumen.

Our journey began from ideas being conceived in Deepika’s living room and sprouted to life in the lush green campus of Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), where Idris continues to serves as faculty.

In December 2017, we inaugurated PhotoCommune Photography studio – a fully equipped studio ideal for professional shoots and our base for all our sessions and workshops!

With over 40 sessions and over a 100 shoots, the studio has become a destination for amateurs, photographers and connoisseurs of Photography!

At PhotoCommune, we take great pride in each other’s achievements and we are happy to see ourselves grow as photographers. We welcome you to be a part of our family!