4K for Everyone – A Simplified Approach to 4K UHD

The world of visual journalism and current affairs documentary has changed rapidly in a very short time with the advent of smaller, and more affordable cameras and digital file based systems.

4K technology takes it one step further. It enables us to capture and create captivating visuals that are more immersive and interactive to the viewer. Just like in the beginning of HD technology a lot of myths and misconceptions exist with 4K video production and delivery. 4K video is no longer a premium product and is in fact a cost effective and affordable solution to future proofing projects so as to increase their lifespan. All projects should be shot in 4K TODAY and this lecture and demonstration series helps people understand the correct methodologies.

Through a practical demonstration and theoretical walk through of camera settings for shooting 4K, post production softwares and handling material, attendees can improve their current workflows as well as build a foundation to understanding future higher resolution technologies.

This Lecture-demonstration is well suited for independent producers and ‘one man band’ style crews who want to learn 4K production without changing their current work systems or spending more money.

About the Mentor: Rakesh is an Independent Master Mentor and has been conducting such sessions to spread awareness among film makers and photographers!

Date / 1 Aug, 2020

Time / 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Venue / online

WorkShop Fee / Free - Registration required