Braj Holi: BARSANA

Announcing one of the most awaited events of the year – 

Braj Holi: BARSANA – 4th March 2020 

Structured as a day trip, this photography workshop is designed to achieve economy of time and experience the essence of the legendary Holi of Braj.

Braj is world-famous for its startlingly vibrant celebrations of Holi. With the world around us marching ceaselessly towards modernization, this event is a slice of tradition; a short while where it seems that time itself is standing still.

Atop a hill in Barsana is the Radha-Rani temple dedicated to Radha, who is endearingly referred to as Ladleeji by the locals. The temple is packed with devotees from all over Braj and men from Barsana, most of whom are in sakhivesh and are eagerly awaiting for the impersonating Krishnas from Nandgaon. Meanwhile, the men from Nandgaon after taking a dip in Peeli Pokhar (a small pond on the outskirts of Barsana) and all dressed in white dhoti & kurtas are busy getting their head gears tied. Most of the younger men can be seen queuing up near the elders to get their turbans tied; with years of experience of taking the blows of the well-oiled lathis of the Radhas of Barsana, they do a very secure job of tying these turbans. All dressed and ready with shining & colorful dhals (shields) and chanting ‘radha-rani ki jai’, they start running towards the Radha-Rani temple. The women folk of the village who have been sitting ready with matkas filled with colored water on their rooftops pour them all over the Krishnas of Nandgaon. Drenched, they reach the temple, and are welcomed by the temple priest and the Barsana men. 

The men from both the villages then sit opposite each other in what is popularly known as samaj and start singing verses in braj bhasha ensuing in lighthearted banter. Soon this place turns into an absolute visual delight as literally sacks full of gulal are thrown on these men. A red one is thrown and they all turn red, followed by a green, and they all turn green and one after the other you are witness to a crazy mélange of colors. Through the color filled air the silhouettes of men singing to each other can be seen. It is as atmospheric as it can get.

The action after this moves to the narrow alleys of Barsana where the impersonating Radhas, veiled in their best sarees wait with their lathis to beat up the notorious Krishna and his friends – who very willingly & lovingly sit to get the blows, defending themselves with their shields. The rooftops are all filled with people wanting to witness the Nandgaon men being bashed!

Who can join?

Any of the 3 below:

1. One who not just has a camera (DSLR/mirrorless) but also knows its basic operations. In a high decibel and fast action destination such as Braj Holi, coaching around basics of photography will not be one of the practical agendas.

2. Phone photographers are equally welcome. In fact our team though consists of all professional photographers invests substantial faith and energy in serious phone photography.

3. Culture & travel enthusiasts (need not be photographers) are free to register as well. 

Key details:

1. Compulsory prerequisite: A 2-hour preparatory workshop is scheduled for Sunday, 1st march 2020 at Photcommune Studio, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. The workshop will practically coach you to safeguard & cover camera and equipment, instruct on ‘must and must nots’ to get maximum out of your camera, advise personal safety other relevant aspects of necessary consideration at a live mass public event.

2. Fee: INR 3200 including preparatory workshop, boarding & all 3 meals

3. For bookings & queries, contact

Garima: +91 8595392820 & Amit: +91 9354865018

4. Limited seats based on first come first serve

Date / 4 Mar, 2020

Time / 6 AM – 10:30 PM

Venue / Barsana U.P.

WorkShop Fee / Rs. 3200/-