Braj Holi – Huranga

Daujee holi

The quiet village of Daujee (around 30 kms from Mathura) transforms into the nucleus of colors & energy on the day after Holi. Holi here is referred as ‘Huranga’ probably to highlight more clamorous form! The tradition dates back to 1580 AD when Shri Dauji Maharaj Temple was established.

Daujee ka Huranga starts with people gathering in the Daujee temple premises around noon. Folk songs are sung, prayers are performed to the idols of Lord Baldeo and Revati Maiyya as a form of taking permission to play Holi. Soon after the darshan, thousands of devotees from Baldeo and neighboring villages gather in the temple courtyard. 

Holi here is played essentially amongst the family, which established the temple! Devar’s pour buckets of saffron-tinged water on Bhabhis, who playfully react by tearing their shirts off and spanking them with it. After some hours, the temple floor is full of water and resembles an orange lake.

Date / 11 Mar, 2020

Time / 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Venue / Baldeo U. P.

WorkShop Fee / Rs. 4500/-