Photowalk In Potters Colony

photocommune_Photowalk In Potters Colony

– Walk led by Puneet Jain & Yeashu Yuvraj

A story of clay and fire!

Walk through the Potters colony to explore and capture the life and works of potters who painstakingly handcraft and fire to bring to life beautiful pieces of utility and decoration.

The Photowalk will give an insight on basics of composition, shooting through a camera and mobile photography and creating compelling visuals while capturing the essence of the potters colony.

DSLRS, point and shoot cameras and mobile phone, all of which are powerful mediums to click images, are suitable for the walk.

The photo walk will end with an image review with tips on image enhancement and editing.

We welcome all those who are interested to join the walk.

Please confirm your participation by dropping in a text / watsapp message at the given number. Kindly mention your name and email in the message.

This wonderful photowalk is free!

Date: 14th January 2018

Day: Sunday

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Meeting Point: Uttam Nagar East Metro Station, Gate No. 2, Delhi

About Potters’ Colony:

Though it might be called Kumhar Gram, or potters’ village, its operations run like clockwork with the industrial efficiency of a large city. A dense patchwork of brick houses and workshops, India’s largest potters’ colony is nestled deep inside Uttam Nagar in south-west Delhi. It’s been home to over 400 potter families since the early 1970s, producing handcrafted earthernware that is sold across the country and around the world. One main street runs across the length of the village and mini alleys run perpendicular to it, cutting through at regular intervals. The main street is dotted with shops selling earthenware on either side and the shopfronts conceal potters’ homes. A glance through the displayed goods might reveal a lone potter at his wheel, or a woman preparing clay. But to see the hive of activity in the open, one must turn into one of these narrow lanes.

Date / 14 Jan, 2018

Time / 3:00pm - 5:00pm

City / Delhi

Venue / Potters' Colony, Uttam Nagar, Delhi

WorkShop Fee / Free