World Photography Day – Matters that matter today.

Photocommune celebrating World Photography day

PhotoCommune turns 4 on World Photography Day. As an annual ritual we make sure that the day is beyond customary celebrations, that PhotoCommune’s birthday counts for photography at large – for photographers – Professional, Amateurs, Hobbyists and creative professionals as well as for essential stakeholders – products & service providers – the entire fraternity.

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The session will comprise of:

1. A PANEL DISCUSSION among top photographers (surprise coming soon) on matters that matter the most. The context of photography as an art, business and profession – is changing at an unimaginably fast pace. Hence, the way its done must evolve as well, in order to flourish. The audience will go back enriched and inspired with ideas and possibilities in order to sustain their love for clicking pictures, telling stories and expressing themselves.

2. Needless to mention, we never forget to HAVE FUN TOGETHER with a purpose. So, the audience can assuredly look forward to some nail-biting yet amusing moments from their own participation.

3. PHOTO BARTER: When excitement doesn’t end! You send us your best 3 shots. We will print any 1 image and it will be up for barter with another participating photographer…

So you get a beautiful picture as a keepsake & someone else will take home your photograph! The happiness you feel, to see your work printed is priceless… and we hope to start our next year with the same spirit!

For Photo Barter, please send in your photographs by 11th August, Saturday 😀
Subject: Photo Barter – (your name)

Photocommune’s 4th year was full of meaningful learning & sharing with the involvement of each of its members. We saw the bar of photography rise through a series of successful photography assignments, walks, talks, workshops – studio as well as outdoor sessions. Come join us as we celebrate the Future of Photography together!

Date / 19 Aug, 2018

Time / 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

City / New Delhi

Venue / Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Culture

WorkShop Fee / Free