World Photography Day: ‘Matters that matter’

Photocommune & world Photography Day

Matters that Matter.

As the World Photography day approaches us ‘Photocommune’ also turns 5. For the third time, we are prepared to celebrate evolution of photography as art, story telling tool and a timeless way to capture space in each frame.

At ‘Matters that Matter this year we are humbled to get a chance to celebrate photo personalities who have consistently worked through challenges. We discuss how they sailed through the journey to establish themselves as mavericks of photography world in the Indian context. Our main focus will be to understand photography and it’s branching career options which will be a great opportunity to learn, teach and share.

1.  This year’s celebration is a little bit more special as we launch our very own Magazine. This monthly magazine will showcase

photographically a spread of themed stories from all around the nation. With our overwhelming online influence, we aim to reach people and artists in infinite ways who believe in following their heart.

2.  The event will also comprise of “Live Shoot Demo’ where not only will the community take away with them pearls of wisdom and theoretical knowledge but also informed choices about the best available cameras and accessories in the market that add up to the creative stretch of artists of all level. We will also provide a unique opportunity to shoot at two different setups where the practicality of this profession can we understood by many present or watching us live.

3.  Needless to mention, we never forget to HAVE FUN TOGETHER with a purpose. We bring back this year our very popular ‘Quiz competition’. So, the audience can assuredly look forward to some nail-biting yet amusing moments from their own participation.

We will be displaying top notch cameras and other tools required to create a beautiful photo helping bridge gap between brands that believe in quality and person who believes in progress. We seek your participation in making this event a great success where we come together to show what a community of creatives have done in the past and the possibilities that photography holds for all who wish to ‘Follow their hearts’.

Photo Commune looks forward to making 18th of August 2019 a very special day for everyone with your presence and the consistent support we have always received from you.

Date / 18 Aug, 2019

Time / 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

City / Delhi

Venue / Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Culture

WorkShop Fee / Free - Registration required