Studio on Rent


Studio PhotoCommune is a well-established professional photography studio for hire based in Khirki Extenshion, Malviya Nagar, Delhi-110017. Our studio has good vibes and is comfortable, clean and client friendly. 

Studio PhotoCommune has worked with many professionals over a year, and is available for rent to anyone doing a small or medium photoshoot, from portraits and headshots to fashion and e-commerce. 

Professional equipment is available in the studio including studio lights, light shaping modifiers, paper backdrops, cloth background, makeup area, changing area, and other important facilities. 

List of equipment 

8- studio flashlights

1- octa 135mm

1- octa deep

7-softboxes (28”x28” to 6’ x 4’)

2-grid set (8 grids)


8- paper backdrops

5-cloth backdrops

1-jumbo umbrella

1-boom stand

1-floor stand