About Us

Photocommune is a community that began with the maxim, it is the “Time to follow your heart”, and through these many years, we have tried to infuse the skills, techniques, knowledge and exposure into the love for photography that binds us together. At Photocommune, we try to bridge the gap between the exponent photographers and the young photography enthusiasts.

Our philosophy is to provide an unprejudiced platform, so that no one, who loves photography, is left behind. Hence, we comply with the same in diverse ways. We hold talks and interactive sessions with the eminent photographers, so that the young photographers can learn directly from the masters in the field. Then, we conduct various workshops to help the beginners to learn from basic to creative forms of photography. We also run various photography courses from basic to advanced level, for those who want to learn photography more technically.

Idris Ahmed

Amit Gangal